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Contact Lenses and Dry Eyes

Do you wear contacts lenses and suffer from dry eye or watery eyes?

dry eyes and contact lenses

Contact lenses are no doubt a convenient way to correct your vision without modifying your appearance, but they also require a diligent maintenance routine to remain clean and hygienic. Else, you put your eyes at a risk of developing infections. Even so, most people who wear contact lenses are guilty of skipping their daily lens cleaning drill at some point, or worse, still wear ill-fitting or expired lenses well beyond the date. If you are experiencing dry eye and wear contact lenses, the two might be related. 

Dry Eyes and Contact Lenses: Are They Related?

The reason we address dry eyes is because every individual who wears contact lenses, especially with prolonged use, runs a risk of developing dry eye syndrome. So, what is dry eye? Dry eye syndrome is when the tear glands in the eyes produce an insufficient amount of tears or where the tear film on the eyes is not adequately maintained, in turn making the eyes dry. This allows for irritants and dust particles to easily come in contact with the eyes, leading to redness, pain, stinging, a burning sensation in the eyes, and in some cases, blurred vision. Of course, if your contact lenses are causing dry eyes that doesn’t mean you need to stop wearing them. You can opt for dry eye treatment or switch your current lenses with silicone hydrogel lenses (after consulting your ophthalmologist) to ease the condition.

Why Are My Eyes Watering So Much When I Wear My Contacts?

Often, watering eyes in contact lens wearerers is as a result of accumulation of pollen, dust and other irritants in the underside of the lens. In fact, dry eyes may lead to watering eyes, as ironic as it sounds, as the irritants trigger a reflex action in the tear glands causing them to release watery tears that are different from the usual tear film.

At Vision Source North Carolina, our network doctors can help you choose the right type of contact lens, contact lens material and cleaning agents to ensure that you experience clear vision with comfort. Schedule an appointment at your local Vision Source North Carolina practice today.