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Do I Really Need a Retinal Scan?

A retinal scan is important to gauge the state of your retina health. But then again, it is not always required as a part of a regular eye examination. So when is a retina scan necessary and what does a retina scan entail?

Do Eye need a Retina Scan?

What is a retinal scan?

Simply put, a retina scan is just a photograph of the retina. Typically, an eye doctor does not regularly conduct a laser retina scan. When a practitioner decides a retina scan is necessary, he or she will begin by administering eye drops to dilate the eyes, and then observes the retina with optical instruments to look for irregularities. The laser retina scan can be carried out within seconds, with the doctor observing the images secured from the scan to locate any abnormalities in the patient’s retina.

An advantage of these scans is that the eye specialist can maintain a record of your retina’s digital images after each scan, so they can evaluate how the health of your retina has progressed through the years. The average cost of a laser retina scans is about $30, but the cost can be subject to variations based on a number of factors, including whether or not the scan is covered by insurance.

Is a retinal scan necessary?

Generally, a retinal scan is not required unless the patient shows some symptoms of retinal conditions, such as blind spots or areas in vision, peripheral vision loss, distortion of straight lines and so on. If you experience any of these symptoms, it could be beneficial to contact an eye care professional to schedule a complete eye exam and retinal scan.

Retinal scans do have their limitations, however. The laser equipment often times may not clearly detect issues in the outer corners of the retina, as they may fall outside of the view angle. For the most part, retinal scans significantly help ophthalmologists diagnose retina disorders more easily in patients. In addition, many eye doctors carry out traditional exams alongside a laser scan to better accommodate for an accurate evaluation of the retina health.

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