Personalized Care From Extraordinary Local Optometrists

Vision Source optometrists are not affiliated with a large eye care company that is driven by selling you eyewear, rather we are all independent owners of our eye care practices. We share a common bond and belief about the differences that exist in the level of eye care we provide and the attention to detail that can only come from an independent Vision Source optometrist.  The long-term relationship we build with our patients and their families is important to us and results in personalized eye care for every member of your family. There is comfort in knowing your neighborhood Vision Source eye doctor will always be around the corner for regular exams and in the case of any eye emergency.

The Latest in Eye Care Diagnostics & Technology

One of the hallmarks of a Vision Source practice is the commitment to offer the latest in eye care technology and advanced treatment to our patients.  Vision Source eye doctors are often the first to market when adopting new methods for eye care diagnostics, ensuring the most accurate evaluation of your eye health.  Eye care has certainly evolved over the years and every practice within the Vision Source network stays abreast of new advancements in eye care. It is part of our culture and why we are bound together as Vision Source.

An Active Network of Patient Focused Eye Care Practices

Vision Source doctors all know one another. Our practices meet regularly with a common goal to learn from each other, and to advance the quality of care we provide to our patients.  We are often joined by subject matter experts from all over the country to ensure that each Vision Source eye doctor, and practice team member, is well-versed in all aspects of eye care, from patient care and diagnostic technologies, to eye wear and contact options.

  • The collective medical expertise of our member practices means we have access to a wealth of experience, information and resources that benefits each and every one of our patients.
  • The active network of Vision Source eye care practices is unlike any other practice group or organization in the industry, focusing on extraordinary patient care.
  • The aggregate membership of independently owned practices in the Vision Source network is by far the largest in the country, with significant expertise in all areas of eye care.