The Vision Source for Prescription Eyewear and Contacts

You can count on your Vision Source independent Eye Care office to have all the latest fashions in prescription eyewear and the perfect fitting contacts.  Eyewear comes in many styles and depending on your lifestyle and budget, we have the perfect look that is just right for you. Your Vision Source practice carries all the latest brands with a wide section for kids and adults. We know there are many factors to consider when fitting you with eyewear and your vision source frames specialists will help you find your personal style.
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Fitting Eyewear

When fitting eyewear, we look at the color of your eyes, hairstyle, face shape and skin tone.  But most importantly is the overall fit on your face and eyes and the quality of the lens. When we find the right frames, we are careful to ensure the lens precisely meets the prescription as determined by your Vision Source eye doctor.

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Eye Doctor Approved Contact Lenses

Your Vision Source doctor will assist with the selection of the contacts that will provide the best comfort for your eyes and clarity for your vision.  Our contact lens technicians will ensure a perfect fit and guide you through proper care.  Today, more doctors are prescribing daily use contacts to maximize flexibility and because they are best for long-term eye health.

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Seeing Your Way To the Best Possible Lenses

Most of us are so concerned with frames style that we often overlook the importance of investing in the best possible lenses for corrective eyewear. Lens technology has come a long way and today’s lenses are mostly made of advanced plastics that are thinner, lighter, and more durable.

There are many types of lens coatings but always make sure you are buying lenses with anti-reflective and scratch resistant coatings. You may also want to consider Transition lenses as well, providing you automatic UV protection outside and changing to regular eyewear while inside.

Do you want to learn more about lenses and what types may be best for you? Explore all the lens possibilities with Vision Source.