Get The Right Fit With Our Eyeglass Frame Size Guide

Fitting eyewear is not just about the brand or the look of the frames, rather it is all about you – the shape of your face, your skin tone, the color of your hair and eyes and overall eyeglass frame size.

Face Shape Matters

Knowing your face shape helps to select frames that will look best on you.  We are all unique in our style and in unique in how we look, so below are some tips to help you choose the frame style that will fit your face.

Senior Male With Oval Shape Face


An oval face has a narrow jawline with gentle curves and high cheekbones. An oval face is generally longer than it is wide. Those with an oval face structure have a larger selection of frames to choose from with most styles fitting your face well.

Young Male With Glasses And Round Shape Face


The round face is generally proportional from side to side and from the chin to the forehead.  Round faces will have fuller cheeks, a wide forehead and a rounded chin. The best for all those curves is angular shapes, wider lenses and pronounced corners that bring focus on the eyes.

Young Male with Square Shape Face


Square faces are generally proportional in width and length and are characterized by a strong jawline and pronounced chin with a broad forehead. Often round or oval shaped frames will accent your face shape as well as those with rectangular frames with curved edges.

Young Woman with Heart Shape Face


Someone with a heart shaped face has a forehead that tapers down to smaller chin, just like the shape of a heart or inverted triangle. To complement that high tapered characteristics and high cheekbones, look for glasses with strong rectangular look or pointed angles. The key is to find frames that will complement the varying widths of the face.

Man with Rectangle Shape Face


The length of the face and its high cheekbones, a longer nose and a longer chin characterizes a rectangular face.  Finding frames that will add width to your face is key so choose wider frames with rounded corners and curved lines or with emphasis across the top of the frames that will add depth and will give the appearance of a shorter face.

Skin Tone

The color of your frames can often best be determined by your skin tone or the color of your hair and eyes.

  • Lighter skin tones are best with neutral colored frames as well as color such as blue, pink or even opal and tan.
  • Medium skin tones often look great with tortoise or rich mahoganies and colors that are blue/green combinations such as aqua marine or rich red colors such as cranberry or cherry or bright oranges or gold.
  • Darker skin tones offer many options in color such from richer mahoganies, black, dark blues and forest greens to bright colors like orange, purple and reds.

Hair and Eye Color

Hair style and color as well as eye color can all impact how you look in certain frames and should be considered along with your face shape.

  • It’s true that blondes have more fun when it comes to frames selection.  Color selection has a wide range from warm coral or tortoise colors to black, blue, pink, green and red. Also, transparent frames work great for blondes.
  • Brunettes have plenty of choice too but metal, black, blue, pink and dark tortoise can be a great choice while warm reds and greens as well as cream colors can make a statement.
  • Red heads bring vibrancy to frame selection and strong bold colors are a great match. Think about rich blacks, deep greens or warmer more neutral colors.
  • Black hair is gives us some diverse choices with bright, lively colors such as cranberry, sea blue or even orange and gold hews. Of course black and tortoise colors all look great as well.

Eye color can have some impact in the frame selection.  You can choose to select frames close to your eye color to complement your natural look or create dramatic contrast with your eyes so you eyes will stand out even underneath those beautiful new frames.