Extraordinary Eye Patient Care

Many healthcare organizations speak of eye patient care, but there is a difference in the eye care provided at every independently owned Vision Source eye care practice.  We recognize the individual needs of every patient and personalize the eye exam to the age of each patient, based upon their visual and medical history.  We ensure a proper, thorough visual assessment and proper diagnosis of eye conditions.  Ultimately, we want to earn the trust of you and your family and recognize that your referrals are our best source of new patients.

When visiting a Vision Source practice for your eye care, patient care means:

  • A personalized, thorough eye examination for all family members
  • Personally designed lens recommendations for eyewear and contacts
  • Recommended eyewear and lens combination that fit your budget
  • Wide selection of fashion eyewear and high quality HD lenses
  • Specialized treatment for all eye conditions and eye disease

Accurate Prescriptions – A Wide Selection of Frames and Contacts

To ensure you have the most precise and clear vision, after your examination your eye doctor will issue a prescription for your eyewear or contacts when needed.  All Vision Source locations have eyewear specialists and contact lens technicians who are trained to ensure your eye prescription is accurately followed.

Your Vision Source eye care center will provide you the best value on eyewear and contacts so there is no need to look elsewhere. We recognize there are many offers in the market, and purchasing eyewear can be confusing, but your best option is always to purchase your eyewear from your Vision Source practice.  If you prefer contacts, your eye doctor will recommend what is best for your eyes and a contact lens technician will ensure a proper, comfortable fit. Eye care prescriptions are usually only valid for one year after from the date it is written.