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Rock Your Shades in the Sun

Make a Splash With Eye Safety This Summer

Sunglasses sitting on porch rail

We know that keeping our eyes healthy year round is important, but did you know that the summer presents additional threats to eye health of which most people are unaware?

The lengthy sun exposure that daylight savings time provides is just as enjoyable as it is dangerous, especially when it comes to our eyes. The powerful UV rays of the sun can lead to the development of cataracts and skin cancer on the eyelid. Therefore, proper protection is key to enjoying those long hazy summer days. Take care to use hats and UV blocking sunglasses- the bigger the better. Oversized sunglasses and hats are not only fashionable; they are one of the best ways to protect your eyes from the sun.

Under the Sun or Under the Sea, Eye Protection is a Must

Don’t just limit eye protection for when you’re under the sun; protect your eyes under water too! During the hottest days of summer, nothing feels better than cooling off by taking a dip. Whether in a pool, a lake or an ocean, this refreshing dip can also pose threatening issues to the health of your eyes. Various bacteria and microorganisms that can cause infection dwell in these bodies of water, even in swimming pools. From bacteria in more natural settings to bacteria that derive from the sweat and other bodily elements of fellow swimmers, your eyes need protection while making a splash. Goggles serve as an effective shield against bacteria in water, and many types even offer UV protection. In addition, contact lenses can often trap bacteria in the eye, leading to infection. So, make sure you remove your contacts for a safer swim or clean thoroughly after swimming.

Along with preventative eye safety, it is important to check in with an eye doctor regularly to ensure that your eyes are reaping the benefits of your good care. Schedule a regular dilated eye exam with your local Vision Source North Carolina practice today, and ask your doctor about additional ways to keep your eyes healthy and safe for the summer.