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Vision Insurance – Will You See a Benefit?

Vision Insurance – Will You See a Benefit?
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The short answer is, “Yes”, vision insurance is worth it. Yes, you’re going to see wonderful benefits by being covered with vision insurance.

Interested in the long answer? Great! Let’s start with a quick overview of what vision insurance is and what vision insurance plans typically entail, before moving on to their benefits and worth.

So What Exactly is Vision Insurance?

A smaller part of comprehensive health insurance, vision insurance is the coverage you purchase for vision-related problems and complications. You can secure this coverage by purchasing vision insurance as a group insurance from your employer or by purchasing the coverage separately. Every month, you pay a premium for the insurance and receive the benefits provided by the plan in question.

What Do Vision Insurance Plans Entail?

The specific benefits entailed in a vision insurance plan differ from vendor to vendor and employer to employer. The commonly included elements are free or discounted rates for vision exams and non-surgical corrections such as glasses and contacts. Vision insurance plans on the higher-end also include provisions of payout when the insurance bearer is diagnosed with eye disorders, complications, disease or complete loss of sight.

Most vision insurance plans in NC for instance, provide such high-end benefits that you can safely choose one that meets your requirements. However, be sure to go through the terms and conditions rigorously. It is common for many vision insurance plan vendors in NC to mandate you visit an eye-care provider within the vendors’ individual networks. So if you already have an eye doctor, be sure to choose a plan your doctor accepts.

Finally, is Vision Insurance Really Worth It?

Yes! This cannot be stressed enough. Vision, being one of the five senses, is an important part of having a happy, independent and confident life. Take no chances with your vision. Get insured and protect the best interests of your sight with vision insurance.

All Vision Source NC practices accept a variety of vision insurance plans. Contact your local Vision Source NC Practice to find out which plans they accept.